About us


National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania is a professional association founded in 1994, in accordance with the provisions of law OG 26/2000, regarding the establishment of associations and foundations. The union was the initiative of 13 insurance and reinsurance of companies, and it currently has 18 full members and 3 associate members.

According to the statute of the association, UNSAR is a non-governmental, apolitical, independent entity, with non-lucrative status, its objective being to grow and consolidate the collaboration and cooperation in the field of insurance and reinsurance.

UNSAR’s main objectives are: to protect and represent the interests of Romanian insurance and reinsurance companies, members of the Association, to take part in the improvement of the current legislative context in the field of insurance, to provide appropriate legal solutions for the modification of the current legislation, to promote the field of insurance in Romania and the most sustainable development strategy of insurance at national and international level.

The supreme governing body is the General Assembly of Union members, while the operational activity between two such General Assemblies is carried out by the Managing Committee, consisting of seven members.

The presidency of UNSAR is assumed by a company chosen by the General Assembly to fulfill this role. The president is the representative of the company owning the presidency of UNSAR.

Within the Association, several Sections and Commission carry out their activity and meet periodically to discuss the current technical aspects of the Union and to provide solutions to these problems. Each section has its own representative, who is appointed by the Managing Committee of UNSAR.

Moreover, alongside UNSAR, there is the Arbitration Committee in the field if insurance. Founded in 2002 as an independent body, the Arbitration Committee’s goal is to mitigate disputes among the insurers. It deals primarily with insurance companies in cases of administrative regression in motor insurance and also differences in dealing and regularizing indemnity claims.

The members of the Association are insurance, reinsurance and insurance-reinsurance companies registered in Romania. The association can comprise members without voting rights and who pay 1/3 of the full membership contribution. On October 21, 2016, there are 22 UNSAR members, insurance companies which take up over 90% of the insurance market (according to the gross written premium). There are 17 full members and 5 associate members.

UNSAR is a member of several international associations, namely:

International Union of Aviation Insurers – IUAI, since 1996.

International Union of Marine Insurance – IUMI, since 1997.

Full member of European Insurance and Reinsurance Federation – Insurance Europe, since 2007.  Sorana Mantho is a permanent member of the Executive Committee of Insurance Europe.


  • National level

– Collaboration with the Insurance Supervisory Commission on primary and secondary legislation (as well as any other issue pertaining to their field of activity).
– Cooperation with public institutions: The Government (Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor, etc.) and the Parliament (Senate, Chamber of Deputies), The Romanian Police, etc.
– With insurance associations and financial-banking sector (e.g.: UNSICAR, ARA, ADAR, ARB, APAPR, etc.)

  • International level:

– With insurance associations from all European and non-European countries;
– With all entities which have an interest in the field of insurance/reinsurance (e.g.: reinsurance companies, etc.).