UNSAR, the Finance, Insurance and Banks Faculty and the Institute for Insurance launch a financial education project dedicated to the insurance segment

UNSAR, the Finance, Insurance and Banks Faculty – University of Economic Studies ( ASE – Bucharest) and the Institute for Insurance (IA) will launch, in the following weeks, a financial ...

UNSAR was a co-organizer of the educational campaign “October – The Household Insurance Month”

UNSAR aims to increase Romanians’ awareness regarding household insurance products. Thus, the association was a co-organizer of the national educational and informational campaign “October ...

UNSAR celebrated 20 years of activity

On the 20th of June 2014, UNSAR celebrated 20 years of activity in the Romanian market. The anniversary was marked by the third edition of the Romanian Insurers Conference, an event which focused on ...

Consumer protection in the financial field – an issue of strategic importance at European level

In Europe, the concept of “consumer protection” is on the agenda of both the authorities and the professional associations. It is also a concern for the insurance companies, becoming an ...

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GROUPAMA Asigurari


GROUPAMA Asigurari


Shareholder structure

GROUPAMA SA – 99,999973%

Management Team

Francois COSTE – CEO


Active in 14 countries in Europa and Asia, GROUPAMA gradually penetrated the Romanian market at the end of 2007 following the purchase of BT Asigurari and in 2008, with the take over of Asiban and OTP Garancia. At the end of a merger and integration process, GROUPAMA Asigurari was born, and it ranked the 4th in the general insurance company top in 2010. The company operates through a singular and integrated commercial network, comprising around 300 agencies across Romania.

Types of insurance

Life insurance – Standard life insurance
Life insurance – Endowment insurance
General insurance – Accident and sickness insurance
General insurance – Terrestrial transportation insurance
General insurance – Goods in transit insurance
General insurance – Fire and natural disaster insurance

General insurance – Motor third party liability
General insurance – General liability insurance
General insurance – Financial loss insurance
General insurance – Travel assistance insurance



45 Mihai Eminescu St., district 1, Bucharest



Phone. – 021-305.80.00
Email – office@groupama.ro
Website – www.groupama.ro