Sections and Commissions


The Sections and Commissions within UNSAR comprise experts from the member companies for each field of activity. The sections’ role is to hold regular debates around current technical problems regarding the Union’s activity and to provide the Association with solutions to these problems. The documents drafted by the UNSAR Sections form the basis of the Union’s initiatives to amend the current legislation in the field of insurance, initiatives presented to the market regulatory body. The active sections at the moment are:

Motor insurance section

  • Responsible Madalin Rosu – Board member, Omniasig
  • Specialist – Alexandru Grigorescu email:

Life and Health insurance section

  • Responsible Virgil Soncutean – Member of the Managing Committee, CEO Allianz Tiriac
  • Specialist Roxana Baluta email:

General insurance section

  • Responsible Aurel Badea – Chief Technical Officer, Allianz Tiriac Asigurari
  • Specialist Iulia Nicola email:

Working groups

  • GDPR –  sponsor Gerke Witteveen
  • IDD – sponsor Sorana Mantho