„Household Insurances – the system’s sustainability” –UNSAR presentation at ICAR 2013

At this point in time, the sustainability of the mandatory household insurance system must be increased. “In the event of an earthquake, it is about social responsibility and not actuarial calculations and risk management”, said Adrian Marin, Asset and Property Insurance, member of UNSAR Managing Committee, at ICAR 2013 – […]

KPMG Seminar – “Implications of FATCA regime for insurance companies in Romania”

Upon KPMG’s invitation, UNSAR members took part in a seminar called “Implications of FATCA regime for insurance companies in Romania” held in September. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) represents a series of provisions published by the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS), according to which, a foreign financial institution must […]

The Compulsory Household Insurance – case study during the 15th Hydra Meeting

The Compulsory Household Insurance Scheme in Romania was presented and analyzed as a case study by the representative of UNSAR during the 15th Hydra Meeting, which took place between the 26th – 28th of September 2013 on the island of Hydra, Greece. Thus, the history and development of the compulsory […]

UNSAR – GDV meetings in Berlin

Following an invitation made by German Insurance Association (GDV), a UNSAR delegation took part in a work meeting in Berlin, to discuss issues of common interest to the associations as well as to consolidate the collaboration at institutional level. This was the second meeting of the two bodies, the first […]

UNSAR organized the second edition of the Romanian Insurers’ Conference

On the 20th of June 2013, UNSAR organized the second edition of the Romanian Insurers’ Conference. The main debate themes included the newly-founded Financial Supervisory Association, as well as the implications of the Law Project regarding insurance against medical malpractice. The event also included an Awards Ceremony for the best […]