Bucharest, December 10, 2018: Most of the participants in the ATENT IN TRAFIC Campaign, run by UNSAR – The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania say that the level of training provided by driving school is low, and about 99% of them say the introduction of defensive driving notions in the preparation of future drivers would be necessary, given that the level provided in driving schools is not enough (28%) or even considered to be low (44%).

On November 2018, UNSAR organized a safe driving campaign in partnership with the Titi AUR Academy, to which 1,368 students from the universities in Bucharest and Ilfov enrolled. 100 of whom were selected, by drawing lots, who took part in the theoretical and practical training held at the Titi AUR Academy during November 17-18 and 24-25, 2018.

The participants, drivers with less than a year experience and up to 14 years’ experience, said they were not familiar with the basic notions of defensive driving, such as the two-second rule (80%) or unconventional braking (78 %). However, nearly two-thirds of the participants (65%) said they knew how to act to control the vehicle in traffic, regardless of the weather conditions.

At the same time, the use of a mobile phone while driving was identified as a road safety risk by a quarter of the participants – 25%, while 23% named the lack of attention or speeding as being dangerous, and 18% said the failure to provide traffic priority is a risk factor. At the same time, more than two-thirds of the participants – 69% – said they are often tempted and often break the speed limits when traffic conditions allow it.

As far as the use of the seat belt is concerned, 88% of the participants said they had used the seat belt often and very often in the past 12 months, especially when driving outside the city at high speeds (93% used the seat belt while driving on the motorway, compared to 26% who used the seat belt when driving in the locality).

Additionally, 93% of the participants stated they had received new pieces of information in the defensive driving course, and 99% said the concepts helped them to better understand the risk situations in traffic. These data show that despite training and experience, drivers are more likely to be unfamiliar with defensive driving concepts and ways to avoid dangerous situations when driving.

Moreover, 94% of the participants appreciated the usefulness of exposures on the notions of financial education in the motor insurance field, thus surpassing the need of consumers to have access to information on insurance and their benefits.

The ATENT IN TRAFFIC education and prevention campaign will continue in 2019 as UNSAR considers road safety as being a priority, especially among young people, taking into account the high number of road accidents registered in our country – over 8,500 in 2017, but also the fact that Romania is the EU Member State with the highest number of road accident victims (96 deaths per one million people, almost double the EU average).

The photos from the courses carried out within the campaign can be accessed onFB account Asiguropedia, and the post-campaign video can be accessed here.

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