We are honored to announce you that the financial education programs created by UNSAR (National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania) enjoy from the recognition of the entire insurance market.

On March 28 2019, UNSAR was awarded “The Special Award for financial education” on the occasion of EduFin Awards Gala, organized by the Financial Supervisory Authority, being value for the Union intense activity and the large number of actions and programs dedicated to financial education.

“Certainly, the financial education is a long-term goal, but we believe that the recognition we received is important, especially at a time when, this week, the Insurance Europe – the European insurance and reinsurance federation– offered the Campaign #gatapentruVIATA as an example of good practice at European level”, said Alexandru CIUNCAN, General Manager of UNSAR.

The Campaign #gatapentruVIATA, whose purpose is the financial education and awareness of the benefits that life insurance brings to young people, addresses people aged between 18 and 35 and is 100% carried out in the digital environment.

“We thank the Financial Supervisory Authority for appreciation, but also to all our members for your confidence.”The received award equally encourages and compels us, “Alexandru CIUNCAN added.

At the EduFin Gala, UNSAR was the sole entity to have received 3 nominations to the Award “Financial Education Campaign of the Year” Award for the ATENT IN TRAFIC Campaign, the communication campaign dedicated to household insurance UNSAR-IRES, respectively the Campaign #gatapentruVIATA.

Besides, this is not the first endeavor made by UNSAR and dedicated to young people. Between October and November 2018, UNSAR carried out the education and prevention campaign ATENT IN TRAFIC, in collaboration with Titi Aur Academy. Almost 1,400 students from the universities of Bucharest and Ilfov signed up, 100 of whom were selected by drawing lots to participate in a defensive driving course at the Titi Aur Academy.

Financial education, especially among young people, is one of the most important objectives of UNSAR, the programs thus designed, will be implemented on a long-term basis on the local market.