The campaign #gatapentruVIATA had nearly 2 million views

The messages for the #gatapentruVIATA Campaign, carried out by UNSAR -The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania during February 14 and March 31 2019 had almost 2 million views.

#gatapentruVIATA is the first information campaign which aims at financial education and the awareness of the benefits brought by the life insurance for young people between 18 and 35 years old and carried out exclusively in the digital environment. The campaign was based on funny messages customized to the specificity of young audience, who reached a target comparable to 20% of all Facebook users in Romania.

“The first three seconds of each video, which contain the main message we wanted to broadcast, were watched more than 1.46 million times. It’s an original campaign that helped young people learn more about life insurance. Its messages were also presented on the platform of, more than two-thirds of the visitors of the site from this period coming from Facebook”, said Alexandru CIUNCAN, General Manager of UNSAR.

The campaigns aiming to promote the benefits of life insurance are extremely important locally, since the lack of protection in Romania, in 2017 represented 61% of the GDP, respectively 113.3 billion euros. This indicator is calculated as the difference between the required financial resources and the available ones at a given time in a family in order to maintain the standard of living in the event of an unforeseen event (death, accident, illness).

In the first part of this year, the financial education campaigns organized by UNSAR were awarded twice in the EduFin Gala of the Financial Supervisory Authority and also in the Insurance Market Awards Gala organized by XPRIMM. Moreover, #gatapentruVIATA campaign was recently mentioned by Insurance Europe – the European insurance and reinsurance federation – as an example of good practice at the European level.

“The financial education is a priority for UNSAR. In 2019, we have the most ambitious work plan from the history of the association of 25 years. We believe that only through financial education we can help Romanians become aware of the risks they are exposed to and to realize the way in which the insurance can contribute to the everyone’s financial stability” continued the UNSAR official.

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