The owners of the vehicles damaged by falling trees may call for their CASCO insurance

The owners of the vehicles damaged by the accidental fall of the frozen trees or ice blocks may use their CASCO to be compensated by insurance companies; as a rule, CASCO policies cover the damage caused by these risks.

“Only in Bucharest in the past three days several hundred cars have been damaged by the fall of the branches of the frozen trees, by the fall of whole trees or by the ice blocks. In such situations, the CASCO policy can once again demonstrate its usefulness, by covering the expenses with the afferent damages” said the UNSAR representatives. Additionally, the policy holders who have chosen the road assistance option in their CASCO policy have the possibility to make use of it in the event where the vehicle has been severely damaged by the fall of a tree or ice and it’s no longer moveable.

As a rule, CASCO policies for motor vehicles cover the risks of fire, lightning, explosion, theft, natural events, socio-political events and vandalism, fall of objects on the construction where the motor vehicle is parked, damages caused by car accidents through collisions hits or impacts with other vehicles produced exclusively to the vehicle – but the provided insurance packages may vary from one insurance company to another. Additionally, such an insurance policy may also cover the loss or theft of the car keys, injury of the transported persons and the roadside assistance service, depending on the product purchased by the customer.

In the first 9 months of 2018, gross premiums written on the CASCO segment exceeded 1.52 billion lei, compared to 1.39 billion lei in the same period of the previous year, indicating the customer appreciation enjoyed by this product.

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