UNSAR launches the first information campaign on life assurance for young people

UNSAR – The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania launches the first information campaign on life assurance, whose purpose is given by the financial education and awareness of the benefits the life insurances bring to young people.

The#gatapentruVIATAcampaign targets people aged between 18 and 35 and will be run 100% in the digital environment, this being the most suitable channel to communicate with this audience.

In international practice, life insurance is one of the most useful protection instruments. “Most of the young people we address to do not know the usefulness of life insurance, being difficult for them to be reported to the unfortunate moment when they will need medical care or will remain unemployed and with mortgages to pay. This campaign comes to support them, and will be exclusively be carried out in the social media with simple and fun messages customized to the specificity of young audience, but who clearly show the reasons for which a life insurance is needed, regardless the age”, said Alexandru CIUNCAN, General Manager of UNSAR.

The campaign will run until the end of March and will include video materials but also graphics, which will run on the AsiguropediaFacebook page, but also as ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Asiguropedia.ro is an online platform developed by UNSAR, which contains useful information for the general public about insurance, as well as tips for protection against various risks. As part of this campaign, Asiguropedia.ro also includes a section dedicated to life insurance, which explains extensively all forms of insurance in this category, including arguments that dismantle myths that prevent young people to close a life insurance.

According to the data of the Financial Supervision Authority after the first 9 months of 2018, there are approximately 1.66 million life insurance policies in force, in Romania, the gross written premiums being of 1.59 billion lei, 3.96% increase compared to the same period last year. The life insurance represents 21% of the total insurance market in Romania, given that the European average is of about 60%.

This is actually not the first endeavor dedicated to the young people undertaken by UNSAR. Between October and November 2018, UNSAR carried out the education and road traffic prevention campaign ATENT IN TRAFIC. Then, almost 1,400 students from the universities of Bucharest and Ilfov signed up, 100 of whom were selected by drawing lots to participate in a defensive driving course at the Titi Aur Academy.

“We pay special attention to young people because, on the long run, we believe in the benefits of financial education. Besides that, it is young people who can carry forward the messages about the importance of insurance and the benefits of financial protection in general. Therefore, we are actively involved in the academic life, including by supporting courses in the faculties with the economic profile”, saidAlexandru CIUNCAN.

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