Romanians are most afraid of earthquakes and floods

56% of Romanians say they they are afraid of earthquakes, but also fires (54%). Romanians are also afraid of storm and tempest (46%), floods (34%) and landslides (21%), as well as risk of theft (29%). The general third party liability (e.g. for damages caused to neighbors) is also taken into consideration (19%).

When concluding a household insurance, 1 of 2 Romanians are interested in the risks covered by the policy, and for 1 of 3 Romanians, the reputation of the insurance company is important. Also, the price of the policy is an important criteria for 38% of Romanians, and the additional covered risks are relevant for 24% of Romanians.

Learn more about the perceptions and preferences of Romanians regarding the household insurance, as well as the reasons why people do not insure their houses in the following Infographic.

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